Sunday, 5 October 2014


Good morning and happy Sunday!

I write this text lying in my bed and my iPhone in the hand. I admit, I am a pretty bad iPhone-writer (I look like a 60 year old, only typing with the index), but I simply don't want to leave my comfy bed this morning and make any effort to grab the laptop.

Although it's my 200th post today (hooray!), I haven't prepared anything as I only realized this fact this morning. In fact, I am proud that I have managed to post at least once a week for three years now. This weekly routine that started as a little experiment became eventually part of my life without being an obligation, but always a pleasure and fun. 

Despite stressful periods like now, I love to share with you whatever it is and I apologize for all uninspiring posts and bad photos that have marked my blogging career. But hey, it's not my job and since life is never perfect, my blog isn't neither. With that being said, I cannot wait to attack the next 100 posts and hope that you will join me on the adventure. I want to take the opportunity to ask you: Any wishes from your side? More travels? More anecdotes?

I should be getting out of bed now. Autumn has finally arrived here as temperatures eventually fell and rain has set in. Lucky me that I love such weather, especially when I have huge piles of work on the desk and a full autumn wardrobe to be worn. Hope you have a great week!

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