Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Autumn Wish List

Happy Wednesday!

After what felt like forever, I finally had some free time this week that I entirely dedicated to all the pretty things in live. Things like going for a walk through colourful woods, window shopping, blogging, cooking a real meal, responding to all my mails and eventually spending a couple of hours on Pinterest. I am probably one of the last bloggers to have compiled my autumn wish list but when I strolled through boutiques yesterday, I suddenly felt as if my wardrobe was totally incomplete.

Here we go, my autumn 2014 wish list:

  • Over-sized Pullover (GAP): There was no designer who hasn't included over-sized pullovers into this year's collection. Due to my Mum who dislikes very warm pullovers, I longtime didn't buy them myself and regret it totally today.
  • Barbour Wax Jacket (Barbour): Again my Mum plays an important role as she possesses such a pretty piece. It is totally versatile and completes the English look that I personally love so much. 
  • Huge Scarf (Zara): And another late-comer! All trendy bloggers had the huge checked scarf around their necks last winter. Lucky me that this trends is also present this year. Best thing about it? You can transform it into a blanket during classes.
  • Cord Trousers (Mango): I remember having one when I was 10 and I also remember standing out while everyone wore blue jeans. Today, I consider them as a great piece that elevates each autumn look. 
  • Burgundy Hat (Asos): Last but not least, for stormy days and rainy Reims, a hat is my must-have all year round. Although I already have a black one, I have been looking for a burgundy one for ages now - but this one here seems like the perfect one.  
What are your essentials for this autumn/winter?

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