Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dirndl Time

Once a year, time has come. Usually I present myself as a very European person, influenced by all the countries I have lived in, but this rule is vehemently broken in October: I am talking about the Oktoberfest!

Although I didn't make it all the way to Munich this year (lack of money, lack of time...), I managed to jump on a car to Stuttgart with some of my best friends in order to attend the Wasen. Never heard of that one? It's a slightly smaller Oktoberfest, but all about beer, music and fun as well. As usual, we danced on the benches, drank liters of Radler (lemonade & beer), sang German folk songs, went on crazy rides and met a bunch of friends and family.

In fact, I was beyond happy to wear my Dirndl again that keeps hiding in the back of my wardrobe throughout the year. As we stayed two days, I had to think of an easy way to change my styles: for the first day, I therefore took a yellow apron and red lipstick while I totally went for the girly look with a pink apron and pearls the next one. Besides my personal obsession with Dirndls, I couldn't help but analyse the other girls' Dirndls all the time, like seriously ALL the time. If I get a new one, I want one like this or a dark red one that I saw in the tents.

While the weekend was the perfect way to leave all the stress behind us, we got hit by it even harder by Monday. You cannot believe how happy I am to only have one week left until holidays. So long, have a great week!

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