Sunday, 12 October 2014

Time For Some Exercise

Happy Sunday everyone!

One week left until my semi-marathon goal. Oh yes, I AM getting nervous. But having prepared quite intensively during the last weeks, I am confident that I will make it. And since I am spending most of my time in running shoes at the moment, I thought that this would be a perfect topic to blog about. So here we go!

When I have a bunch of other things in the pipeline and rain is pouring down, my motivation is zero. Although I know that it's good my body and my mental health as I risk to be a nerved wreck otherwise. This is why I established a kind of running circle in my school: In the morning (!) I post on facebook, that we will be meeting up in the evening for a little run. During the day my motivation fades, but since I have made this promise not only to myself but also to my social community, I am forced to go running, never mind the weather. According to the people who show up, I run different distances: 7 km, 10 km, 15 km... Not only that I do my weekly workout, but I also have the chance to meet great runners out there. 
Eventually, I am not only running. In order to change, I go playing tennis once a week and meet up with friends to play some football. These sports require different muscles and resilience. 

No sports without the right equipment. Long time I ran in old trainers or normal bras. It's a significant change once you change your material. Despite the more expensive expenditures in the beginning, I can only recommend to invest into quality things since they turn out to facilitate your exercises in a long-term.

Besides my running meet-up as motivation, I want to give you three other tips:
  • Pinterest - this might seem weird but starring at someone's abs for a minutes, makes me feel guilty. It's depending on the type whether you prefer motivational messages or other persons' photos to get you to move. 
  • Put on your bra - when I doing some home exercises, such as push-ups and crunches, I prefer to wear tight clothes and my sports bra. Why? Well, you see every little part that isn't trained yet and instantly, you want these parts to disappear. I don't train to get thinner but to get toned.
  • Music - this is certainly no secret. Again for me, it is a lot easier to run when I have my running playlist playing. Feel the Love (Rudimental), Summer (Calvin Harris), Timber (Pitbull) or Feel Again (One Republic) are only few of this list. 
Enjoy your Sunday and get some motivation for the rest of the week! 

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