Sunday, 28 September 2014

KINDER Surprise

I saw that woman of my age sitting on the doorstep. She was wearing a pink white-dotted dress with a touch of retro. While she hold a half of a KINDER surprise egg in one hand, she opened the little yellow box with the other. Eventually, she discovered the miniature princess. Her delicate smile reminded me of something that I am missing from time to time: Being child again.

It is only now that I begin to appreciate this important episode of life. I understand why my parents and grandparents always told me to "enjoy the childhood as long as possible". No duties, no tax declarations, no life managing (except for tidying up your room). I love the advantages of adulthood such as independence and experience, but quite frankly, childhood is fantastic. This is maybe why I still love sports so much. Or sweet and colourful candy. Or amusement parks.

Speaking of the latter, I went to Parc Asterix yesterday. Eating cotton candy, going on the wildest rides and spending quality time with my friends (as we did last year in Disneyland) evoked and stimulated this need. When I see a roller coaster, my heart begins to beat faster due to the adrenaline, my step becomes hastily, my eyes get such a dreamy gaze and take me to a different world.

Enjoy your week and be a bit childish again. It feels great.

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