Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Summer Sales

Bag (COACH) - Perfect for my Canon EOS 550D

Remember when I told you that I only would go shopping twice a year from now on? Well, I couldn't stick to this plan to 100%, though I only bought three pieces in six months. So when the first sales signs were out in the shopping windows, I was in the shops. This time: a new bag, new shoes, shorts, shirts, dresses. All the things that turn a girl happy.

Slip-ons (André) - Sandals (No Name)

There is too much offer - how do I choose the right things? 
On my first day, I blindly entered the boutiques. After a three hour marathon, I returned home empty-handed. I was literally shocked by the offer I faced. When I attacked the Sales the following days, I made up my mind and scribbled down a list of pieces I absolutely needed and pieces that are fashionable but not necessarily my priority. With this list in mind, I focused on the important items that lead to several positive effects: Less stress, less distractions (and with that more money in my pockets) and more time to actually enjoy shopping.

I spent far more than I wanted - how to manage the budget? 
As a lousy paid intern, my budget was pretty much restricted - I set a limit in advance. Except for one item (my COACH bag), I consequently stuck to it. It is important to set these borders because you quickly can end up with your whole salary spent on non rational purchases. Furthermore you weigh your investments are lot better: Do you want quality or quantity? Do you need 10 more tops are do you better spend the same amount on a pretty silk blouse? It is your decision!

Navy blue summer dress (ZARA)
V-Neck shirt - Top (both MUJI)

My size is not available anymore - what's the trick? 
Honestly, the trick is simple: first come, first serve. I generally try to get all the important things on my list during the first days, even if reductions are not as high as in second or third week and even if the stress level is crucial. But at least I am sure I have what I wanted. The weeks afterwards I check a couple of boutiques that correspond to my style - I might find a love item by coincidence that is well reduced. Another trick is to check out online stores that might have the desired size in stock.

People organize trips to shop in Paris - where are the best shops to benefit from Sales?
That highly depends what you are looking for. For shoes I recommend Rue de Rennes, Rue Faubourg Saint-Antoine or Avenue de Ternes. For brands like Mango or Zara, I prefer the So Ouest Shopping Center. And I definitely know that I avoid Rue de Rivoli as I prefer to be alive after three hours of shopping.
The jury is still out for the Boulevard Haussmann and its famous Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. Yes, it is crowded. But it is really convenient since most of the brands are located in a kilometre radius (lazy me!). As tourists are much more familiar with Lafayette, I prefer heading to Printemps - especially when I want a more expensive brand.
Eventually, online shops are not be forgotten. Although I prefer to rummage through offline stores, online shops are a great alternative, especially when you know your size and when exactly this size is not available in stores anymore.

Down jacket for my Iceland trip (Uniqlo)
Bermuda shorts (Uniqlo) - Fake leather skirt with zipper (ZARA)
Now it's time for the verdict - what do you think of my purchases? Having a look today at the pictures, I realize how I went for classic items and didn't dare anything exceptional. Well, this is my style - I just prefer the sporty classic look.

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