Sunday, 13 July 2014

Deauville or the St.Tropez of Northern France

When I get up in the morning and first sun rays are shining onto my nose, I start my day with a super feeling. I enjoy opening the windows and inhaling the fresh air - stop! Fresh air in Paris is unfortunately rare and when I know that I will spend inside the office building, my positive energy quickly transforms into discontentment. Hence, I was overwhelmed by the weekend that I spent with some friends a week ago. We went to Deauville in the French department of Normandy, only a 2 hour train ride away. Eureka! Why have I found this place only now?
Together with my friends I spent an impeccable weekend in Northern France and guess, I am even back today!
  • Boat: What would be a seaside visit without a boat? Since I love boats and the wind in my hair, we decided to skip the ordinary hotel/apartment story but went for a boat. Xavier’s boat met exactly out expectations as it is only a stone throw away from the pier and the beach, yet easily reachable from the station. Admittedly, we felt even a little decadent having our champagne aperitif before going out for dinner or sun bathing on the deck.
  • Restaurant: Deauville is the St. Tropez of Northern France. Lots of rich Parisian families have their country houses in the surroundings which is why prices are comparable to Paris itself. You find amazing fish restaurants along the ocean side and typical French “brasseries” in the charming city centre. Due to the hot weather we often enjoyed light summer salads on the boat, accompanied by baguette and cheese. Nevertheless, mussels are always a must for me when I am near the ocean: we found the Yacht CafĂ© in the centre of Deauville where we had excellent dinner and lovely waiters that even changed the menu propositions for us.
    We also tried the Restaurant Il Parasole for pizzas. It was okay but I wouldn't go there another time. Just in case you know a good pizza place in Deauville, let me know.
  • Activities: When you are lucky and weather is good in Normandy (and not stormy, windy or rainy as usual), the main activity is beach and walking along the pier. Or take a bike and explore the seaside. On weekends you often have horse polo that is certainly a once in a life experience. When you are less lucky with the weather, you can play in the casino or spend money in one the cute boutiques along the main road – a lot of typical Parisian brands have their stores here.
  • Early birds: It is absolutely worth to get up at 6AM to capture the stunning sun rise. After only few hours of sleep the beauty of the empty beach and the first sun rays above the hill gave me so much energy that I took photos for two entire hours. 
Do you have any places to not be missed in Deauville? Share them here!

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