Sunday, 20 July 2014


Happy Sunday!

Due to another rush of posts this week I want to keep this one quite short. Having already announced last week that I was back in Normandy again, I don't want to miss sharing these beautiful pictures with you. Although the weather was slightly bad, the village I spent my week was entirely picturesque and charming. Our daily activity consisted of sleeping in until noon, followed by long breakfasts afterwards. At one point of the day we told us to move and went out for a walk, took a bike or went even swimming (16°C water temperature!). All in all a pretty relaxing week that relieved me from all the hustle in Paris and made my mind free for upcoming projects.

Have a great day and a perfect start into this new week!

So tidy!
Gee, this couch!
Church at the coast
Charming garden

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