Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I have seen a lot of impressive fireworks in my life. Starting with the millennium fireworks in Dubai in 2000, the closing ceremony of Disneyland Paris to the Geneva fire works in mid-August, I simply love when the sky is being illuminated. Yesterday I had the chance to witness another spectacular show which was in honour of the Bastille Day. Whether it is the stunning scenery with a "burning" Eiffel Tower or the kids' eyes that were fascinated by such a beautiful event, the fireworks was only the highlight of two days of happiness and joie de vivre in Paris.

It all started Sunday afternoon when I came back from Normandy (a post will follow during the week). Barely arrived, I straightly went to the Hippodrome Longchamps in order to attend their Summer Garden Party. The event's schedule consisted of horse races, broadcasting the World Cup final on a large screen, fireworks and finally a live performance of Bob Sinclar. Being of German nationality, the final was the main reason for me to attend the party and during the nerv-wrecking final I lost at least 3 pounds due to 120 minutes of anxiety. Eventually, the Mannschaft reached their goal and Germany itself transformed into a huge party whereas we continued the night with fireworks and Bob Sinclar...

... Until the next morning, when I had to get up at 7.30 AM to continue my festivity marathon. The 14 July 1789, the French lower class stormed the Parisian prison Bastille and raised THE revolution in the country. Nowadays this day is dedicated to be the French national day that is celebrated with a pompous military procession along the grand Avenue de Champs-Elysees. Being a rather small person, I stood on a flower pot for 4 hours to watch the hundreds of soldiers, tanks, cavalries and even the President that marched in front of zillions of spectators. Though, I consider it to be a one in a lifetime experience because it is no fun to get up at 7.30 on a bank holiday. 

P.S.: A huge thank you to this great police man who told me to get down of my flower pot at one time of the procession as the owning store complained about us standing on their bushes: "Would you please get off this flower pot now?" - "But otherwise I won't see anything" - "Well, then get off so that I fulfilled my duty and when I am around the corner, get on it again". Hilarious.

Vive la France!
Military Flight Show
Longchamp Garden Party and World Cup Final

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