Sunday, 27 July 2014

Back to summer

I thought that this picture was quite ironic regarding today's topic. 
Good morning!

Wow. Wow. And wow. One of the most incredible weeks of my life lies behind me. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know what I am talking about: Iceland. Not only our airway company was called WOW, but every hike, every view, every meal was simply wow.
As I first must select the best pictures out of my 1000 photo stock and digest the breathtaking impressions, a detailed post will follow within the next week. Yet, while I was walking on my own through the Icelandic wilderness, some summer resolutions came to my mind.
  1. Going on a tour around Lake Geneva. Whether it might be by bike or by car, it has been 5 years that I have missed this option.
  2. Remembering my great trip to South-East Asia thanks to this delicious Thai curry recipe.
  3. Choosing my favourite images of my immense photo stock in order to make a collage for my room in university.
  4. Compiling a short list of universities/ business schools that I apply for my master's degree.
  5. Exploring Spain in a total new way. Instead of hotel resorts on the Canary Islands or other major touristic places, it is time to discover Spain's real treasures.
  6. Visiting the Aiguille de Midi in the French Alps. With two friends stopping by in August this touristic adventure shouldn't be a leftover anymore, should it?
  7. Preparing this summer cocktail for a little cocktail party on our terrace.
  8. After having tasted home made bread every single day in Iceland, I came to the conclusion to bake some different kinds myself from now on. Do you know some nice recipes?
  9. Subscribing for a class at Coursera in order to broaden my horizon. I plan to choose a non-business topic.
  10. Updating my iPhone with friends' current addresses. Every time I send postcards I must scroll through ancient Whatsapp messages in which we once exchanged them. For best friends this procedure takes hours and is simply too annoying with all the trips I do. Moreover, as I have lots of friends who frequently change their addresses, I am planning to design a lovely online version - I keep you updated.
With these ideas I leave you for today as I have to bring my Dad to his train. My last three Parisian days have eventually come and I will make use of them the best possible way, not  without another part of my tips missing (check out one and two). Have a great Sunday and splendid start into the week!

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