Thursday, 19 June 2014

Stockholm again

A street in Södermalm

Hej hej! Having been to Stockholm for my third time, I am still convinced that this city is my favourite place on earth. The lifestyle, the landscape, the language, the people, the weather. I JUST LOVE IT. Again, I compiled a few new spots that you need to check out while in the city – with all the other ones I wrote down here. Enjoy reading while I now start planning my future that includes a move to the Stockholm. Yes you read the right way: I definitely want to live here.
  • Swedish National Day: I had the chance to be in the city on the National Day (6th of June). All the museums and the king’s castle are for free on that day, so don’t hesitate to check out Sweden’s culture. Furthermore you can even meet the king who flies the flag at 6 PM in the museum of Skansen (that is not for free though).
  • Tully’s Coffee, Götgatan 42, Södermalm: Stockholm people look always gorgeous and are highly aware of their fitness. They keep jogging and taking healthy meals. At Tully’s coffee I joined their lifestyle and had an enormous salad with tuna, beans, avocado and grains. Yummy!
  • Juiceverket: Speaking of healthy life style, I found this great place in Södermalm. Fruits are freshly pressed and all kinds of juices are imaginable. I can only recommend the Apple-Maracuja with mint and lemon.
  • Meatballsfor the people: Sweden without meatballs is a no go for me. Unfortunately, all the “Köttbullar” restaurants in mainly Old Town are very expensive which is why I was so delighted when I came across that place. Meatballs for the people is a hip restaurant and offers great menus for reasonable prices.
  • Jogging: As already mentioned above Swedes love running. Honestly, I rarely have seen so many Nike trainers at of one place. Hence, I also grabbed mine and started a great run for an hour during which I even met the Swedish princess Madeleine. The Royals are so down-to-earth here which is another reason why I totally fall in love... with the country, not with prince Phillipp. 
  • Smaka pa Stockholm: Stockholm’s food festival in summer. You can try food from all over the world – Italian, Indian, Turkish or whatever you desire. It always takes place in the begin of June and is a great event to meet up with friends while having dinner, listening to Swedish folk music and enjoying the late dusk at midnight (!).
  • Hemköp: Since I had such a great weather, I couldn't force myself to sit inside for lunch. Yet, I found the perfect alternative: The food store at Hemköp. Salads, wraps, sushi, warm buffet, snacks - the most difficult is to make a proper choice in the end. I recommend eating by the waterside afterwards.
  • KappAhl: When I am somewhere else, I try to avoid stores like H&M and Zara that you find everywhere nowadays. I'd rather go to little boutiques or at least chains that cannot to be found where I live. This time I went to Kappahl, a clothing company mainly based in Scandinavia and parts of Asia. I bought a really nice sweater there, perfect for summer evenings.
  • Chokladkoppen: If you are looking for sweet treats in Gamla Stan (Old Town), I highly recommend the terrace of Chokladkoppen and their great cinnamon rolls. Perfectly located in front of the Nobelmuseet, this is the spot to hang out after a tiring museum visit.
Are you ready for Sweden?

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