Sunday, 15 June 2014

Friends make life just better

Stunning Baltic Sea at night

Good morning folks!

What an eventful week that lies behind me: my trip to Northern Europe, the begin of the Football World Cup, birthday parties and a lot of work!

Today I therefore had no other choice than sleeping in. Hence, I sit here now, having a good breakfast while the sun is shining on my back. As predicted last week, I went to Stockholm and Tallinn over the last weekend and only came back on Tuesday night. Believe me, it’s been literally five incredible days of holidays with some of my best friends from high school that made me sometimes feel as if I was on a class trip as we used to be. I have discovered so many great places that I need to share them with you in an extra post. For now, let me tell you: I will always love Stockholm. I arrived on Thursday and we stayed until Sunday night when we took the overnight ferry to Estonia. On Monday night we took the same ferry back, spending the last day in Stockholm again. During our trip we always had sun and when I write always, I mean it – even during the night as we were quite far up in the North. When I sat back in the plane for Paris, I was even a little sad that these amazing days had already been over but luckily I also have lots of other great people here that I planned some activities with.

For instance, we had after work drinks at the Seine riverbank. This wouldn't be anything special, if not the prices were so incredibly cheap. I only paid 2 Euro for an immense glass of wine! The spot? Check it out here.
A very good Irish friend celebrated her 21st birthday even on two days. So we first we went out for dinner and birthday cake the first night while we went to an Irish pub (what a coincidence) the second one, all being appropriately dressed for the white party.

Finally, I had a lot of work during the three days I worked. I had to catch up with a couple of things and so I spent a lot of time in the office. But hey, it’s only 15 days of internship left and I start realizing it a bit more every day. Oh Paris, I don’t want to leave you. Yet, to compensate my static posture in the office, I went jogging twice and did some yoga yesterday afternoon that took place on a terrace next to the Seine River. Furthermore, I follow at least one match every night of the World Cup. What’s your tip for the trophy? Is it the Netherlands after their great victory over Spain? The home advantage for the Brazilian team? Or even a totally other surprise? Let’s see what the next weeks will bring – I definitely keep you updated!

Enjoy your Sunday and the rest of the week!

After work wine
Lovely Ice Cream
Healthy food
White party outfit. Cropped top - Skirt - Flats - Bag (all H&M) - Blazer (Mango) - Watch (Tissot)

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