Friday, 27 June 2014

Half Time

The first two weeks of the FIFA World Cup are over. As a football lover, it’s now time for me to present my first summary of the matches, players and highlights. And this World Cup is full of surprises and suspense that I hardly know where to begin.

Despite my passion for the matches and endless after work sessions in pubs during the last two weeks, I enjoy the broadcasting with a depressing sentiment. Is the World Cup really positive for the country development as promised by the organization committee and various politicians? Taking into consideration all the protest movements during the last weeks, I have difficulties to fully believe in it. For me, the FIFA has already lost a lot of reputation when they decided to give the World Cup to Qatar in 2022 – we all know that money is what matters. Not only that the Brazilian government is known to be corrupt, but also the FIFA is highly involved in corruption accusations. Corruption + Corruption = More Corruption?! When we believe the rumors, people from poorer districts were resettled in order to improve the access to stadiums. Some speak even of killing street kinds to fulfill the perfect picture of Brazil as host. For sure is, that the World Cup will only help little to gain economic growth. A lot of the newly built stadiums are useless after July as no professional teams are playing there. These stadiums are more than functional, pompous and modern although people are craving in hospital hallways, kids don’t go to school and elderly people cannot pay for food.
The winner in the end is surely the propaganda, Brazilian politics and the FIFA – but not the country and not the people. This system has been going on for decencies now and I don’t know how we can stop it. Or how we can transform the power of a simple ball into a power for people. At one point we all should boycott the event – but then, what will I do in 4 years?

After so many turbulent events, there is one question left : Who will be world champion? Among the Europeans I see the Dutch and the German team in very good positions. Yet, I believe in a South-American champion as a lot of matches are scheduled around midday – a crucial time for European teams. Eventually, I bet on Brazil or Chile. What do you think?

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