Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer Vibe

Good morning and happy Sunday!

After a new record of post publishing this week (3!), I'd rather go for a quick recap today. I've just come home from a great morning work out in the park and will now spend the day inside as Paris is rainy today. Watching football and catching up with all my unread blog is on the plan - what are yours for this Sunday?
  • ... I was happy about: That I only have one week of internship left. Done! Summer here you come!
  • ... I was sad about: The defeat of Chili last night. I bet on them and with Brazil's victory I keep stabilizing my last position in our internal office ranking. 
  • ... I shopped: Too much. Bag, dresses, tops, pants, jackets... it's summer sale and the first four days were very very successful. More about that next week. 
  • ... I was proud of: Getting up this morning in order to take part in Andros Matin activities. I started the Sunday with Body Combat and Zumba, followed by a healthy breakfast.
  • ... I saw: A lot of bi**h fights in Les Galaries Lafayette and other stores. Girls, it is only a handbag. You don't have to hit people because you want it. You are only making a big fuss and in the end you are thrown out of the store - without the desired item. 
  • ... I planned: August activities. I'll be home in Geneva and started to compile things that I absolutely must do. Les Voiles, boat, hiking, pick-nicking.... 
  • ... I ate: An amazing "pizza". Rocket, Parma ham and pickles butter. More than delicious. 
  • ... I enjoyed: Every minute with my friends. The meet ups with them give me a lot of positive energy and create this special summer vibe. 
  • ... I thought: Why is weather always great during week but not on weekends? I want to go back to Deauville and enjoy sun rays on my pale skin. 
All the best,

This is how I want weather on weekends. #throwback
Breakfast this morning, thanks to Andros.
Pizza time

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