Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sweet Paris!

Paris at night
I might be a few hours late writing this, but it was worth it: I spent the weekend in Paris with my Mom. And how much I already miss it ! I immediately could jump back on a train in order to stroll through the streets, to sit in a lovely cafe or to go to a concert. Not only was it great to see my Mom again but we also explored one of our favourite cities: We went to Bercy Village (Cour St Emilion), a passage with cafes and shops that are located in old trading houses at Paris' East side. Then we also went to a Chopin concert in the city's oldest church: St Julien le Pauvre. Both nights we spent at friends' with a lot of wine and cheese that instantly transported my Mom back to her twenties when she was living here. And now I am in my twenties, studying only a stone throw away and maybe completing my internship in exactly the same place. Destiny?
Bercy Village
Cookies at La Cure Gourmande - J'adore!
Another side of Paris: La Défense
La grande Arche
Luckily, I am coming back in another two weeks. Although it is only for a day, I am so looking forward to this timeout. When I head back to Reims this afternoon, I felt sad. Even the weather expressed my feelings: Sun in Paris and rain (again!) in Reims. Since I benefited from the weekend to a full extent, I am now sitting at my desk, looking for my motivation that has been hiding for a couple of days now. Tomorrow another presentation. Tonight another cheerleading session as we have our big tournament in less than 5 days (this implicates a delayed post next Sunday as well, I am very sorry). All these dead lines and duties here paralyze me. 
So, in order to survive my daily tress, it is busy Paris that keeps me calm. A très bientôt!

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