Sunday, 17 November 2013

Nighty mighty walk

Good morning,

A turbulent weeks lies behind me. As usual a lot to do, but moreover a business trip to Dusseldorf which I've just come back from and a lot of thinking. Thinking about me. Thinking about my life.

It might be the dark weather outside that turns me into that mood or the social environment but it is certain that I question a lot these times: Where do I want to go? Was this school really a good choice for me? What is my plan for the future? Who am I for real? Am I involved into too much? Is the stress driving me crazy? And so on and so on. In order to get my mind cleared, I tried two measures:
First, while temperature fell below 0°C for the first time, I headed outside and went for a walk. Only me and my thoughts. It was the first time that I really sensed the city I am living in and couldn't resist to take some snapshots. After an hour I came back, as if I had been on holidays, since this timeout was exactly what I needed.
Then, the day afterwards I met my best friend from my first two years of universities who is now studying in Spain. It was not only great to see her, but also to talk to someone who fully understands you. It eventually turned out that she is in the same situation that I am. Same questioning. No answers.

I can tell you that I haven't found the answers yet and hope that they will develop within the next weeks, months and even years. Moreover I believe that I can't find them alone but that friends, family, experiences, inspirations and defeats will shape them together with me. The only thing I know is that I should listen to myself more often and take the time for me when I need it most. Everyone who is suffering stress, uncertainties and defeats should do the same.

With this melancholic post, I wish you a great week and see you in a week! Then I will let you know why "Sunday morning" isn't possible right now :)

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