Sunday, 27 October 2013

Like a thunderstruck

Happy Sunday!

In average I slept 5 hours this week. Far too little for my needs but I couldn't afford to get more: once again I had cheerleading each night, attendance at classes and all was topped by a test on Friday morning. It turned out to be ridiculous but this is a different story. 
It was yesterday that it hit me like thunderstruck. I just couldn't bare it anymore and caught up my laziness while sleeping in late, watching lots of Desperate Housewives and going to bed earlier. And since the CET was changed last night, I even got one extra hour. That's how I like my start of holidays. 

Holidays? Indeed, I have a week full of them ahead. Well, I also still have to catch up some stuff for uni but holidays are holidays and nobody can steal them from me. My plans? Shopping, cooking, visiting, walking and leaving to Paris on Friday morning! I am so excited!

What better to start the holidays than having a large breakfast with your best roomie? Right now, I am sitting in front of my laptop hoping that she gets ready soon because I am literally starving. Instead of already posting the hot chocolates, bread and strawberry jam, I want to show you today's outfit. A yellow statement sweater is always a guarantee for a happy day.

All the best and have a great Halloween party!

P.S. Yes, I know iPhone pics are great but this week I will go back to my beloved Canon. Promised! Xx
Sweater (Benetton) - Blouse (Zara) - Pants (H&M) - Slippers (Vietnamese Market) - Bag (Longchamp)
Wall paper in my favourite restaurant - inspiration for a new room concept?
I'm singing in the rain... in that case I would sing all day and night! Bearable with blanket, hot chocolate and candles.

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