Monday, 11 November 2013

If I lose myself

Hi everyone,

It's far beyond morning although I've just got up after I slept the entire day. Right, after a crazy weekend at the WHU Euromasters I arrived back here this noon and then went straight to bed - until now.

Euromasters: Already two years ago I raved about this event, so there was no question that I would participate again this year. Instead of playing soccer as anticipated I ended up cheerleading which was as much fun as always. So what's it about?
2000 students from all over Europe (France, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany) come to a little village called Vallendar somewhere in Germany. The host university WHU is organizing the event which is a mixture of sports and parties. The entire day you are in the gym cheering for your teams and competing in different disciplines. We unfortunately couldn't win any of the trophies but we supported each other strongly. Highlight is the cheerleading competition by the end of the competitions on Saturday afternoon. We were extremely nervous beforehand but once you are on stage, you can only enjoy the atmosphere and rocking the house! After the long exhausting days, two parties followed on the agenda: "Cirque de Nuit" on Friday and "NEON" on Saturday. It was a blast, I can tell ya'!

Enough written, let's speak videos and pictures for themselves. Impressions can be found on or on their facebook page.

Cirque de nuit
CESEM at Opening Ceremony
Our performance
And this years Euromasters Hymn to finish - cannot wait to come next year!

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