Sunday, 20 October 2013

"And some people kiss their friends, it's like a high-five on the lips!"

Good morning early birds!

Hope, you had a great week!

How could I MISS IT?
10 years ago Desperate Housewives was launched and I didn't care at all. Even when my best friends cancelled dates on Wednesday night, I didn't get it. No, it was until last night that I have never watched one episode. But then - hit! - I already feel addicted after the first three ones. While my week was pretty stressful, my roomie and me decided to cuddle up in blanket, have some food and watch it. I need a lot more of these nights...
Crazy Red for main course - and Apple Pear Crumble + Rum Sunrise for dessert
Candy Shop vs. Pope of Dope!
It's been three times now that I have been telling you about a particular event (here, here and here) and this week it was time again: Running Dinner. For all amongst you who are not familiar with the term: You and your partner cook one course (either starters, main course or dessert) and are invited to have the other ones at different apartments. Therefore you meet a lot of people during the night and literally run from one place to the other.
We were to be chosen to do the dessert. We decided to make an Apple Pear Crumble (add some rubbed lemon into the crumbles), served with Vanilla Oreo Ice Cream and a Rum Sunrise with it. Beforehand we ate some Spanish Tapas and Chicken A La Proven├žale which was a delicious meal. Eventually, we all ended up at our favorite hangout until late that night.
Only the next day, another party was on schedule. It's motto was "Candy Shop vs. Pope of Dope" and I declared it to be my last one until the Euromasters in two weeks. As I have cheerleading nearly every night from now on, it wouldn't even be possible. Oh and not to forget mid-term exam on Friday.

Now back to work with some Finance stuff - and maybe the 4th episode tonight?!
Enjoy your day and have a great new week.

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