Sunday, 13 October 2013

In love

Best Friday afternoon motivation: Galette artisanale au chocolat
Good morning everyone!

It's been now a couple of years, that iPhones have invaded our world. For years I have been calling myself an opponent, not willing to spend that much money on a (simple) technical device. But these times are over now. From now on I am an official iPhone user.

Within the last weeks I was rarely available via mobile. I gave my old Samsung to my brother in New Zealand and used a simple BlackBerry Curve instead to bridge my lack of smartphone. Then the time of waiting begun until Apple finally announced the new iPhone 5S/C the 10th of September. I waited more days in order to see iPhone 5 prices falling and then snatched it up!

What is my first impression? I. Love. It. Seriously. Never mind what tech freaks say about old-fashioned settings, I am totally happy with my purchase: The design is top and the user experience is just what I have imagined. Look out for some snapshots taken with my new friend!
In love.
Crazy colours
Rainy time is candle time.
Saturday's market
No better than fresh French cheese
This week was less stressful than the one before, so I yesterday spent half the day exploring the farmer's market and shopping in the city. Furthermore last night two good friends celebrated their birthday which was a lot of fun.
Nevertheless I keep on writing applications for my internship beginning in January. While I was always quite focused on Marketing, I this time fancy a position in Finance. Therefore all the big finance departments of Chanel, Hermes, Dior, L'Oreal and Coca-Cola are bombarded with my CV and motivation letter. Fingers crossed!
Enjoy your Sunday and the next week!

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