Sunday, 29 September 2013

Routine? Not bad at all!

Good morning!

After the first month in my new university, routine found its way into my daily life. I get up, go to uni, do lots of classes and group works and come back home, quite exhausted. Then, on weekends I catch up sleep and continue bureaucracy. And suddenly, I remember: Hey! I am young! I must go out! Meet friends! Do shopping! Going to Paris!

On measure against my dull routine is my cheerleading training from now on. Yes, you read the right way. I am in my uni's cheerleading squad and have training three times a week until we participate at the WHU Euromasters in 6 weeks. My goal: a split (I stretch each night for twenty minutes following this video) My inspiration: "Bring it on!" with Kirsten Dunst that I have been adoring for years now.
Bring it on!
Puff Pastry Orange Blossoms
Another measure: Inviting friends. That I did on Friday night with Spanish, German, Chinese and French friends. Since I had classes all day long I could only prepare a simple dessert: Puff Pastry Orange Blossoms (similar easy recipe here) that we had together with other sweet treats. Then yesterday I went to a birthday party with loads of international students - most of them really drunk.
And while I am writing this, I think: Well, my life might not be the most exciting one, but it is also far away from being boring. On the contrary I am happy to have some kind of routine because I therefore appreciate special moments even more!

Before finishing today's post, I want to show you a friend that made his way to my wardrobe: my new acquired leggings that I found at H&M for 19.99 Euro. Combined with a simple jeans shirt or with a glittery blouse in the night... I have loads of outfits in my mind. How do you like it?

Thank you so much for reading!
Leggings (H&M - similar here)

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