Sunday, 8 September 2013

Grasse Matinée

Morning baguette
Good morning - or shall I better say good day?!

Whatever you feel like what time it is right now, I've just got up and had a more than satisfying breakfast/lunch. My first week of uni in France is over and today's agenda is filled with relaxing activities (in French = grasse matinée). But let's start from the beginning: 

On Monday I met a part my new fellow students for the first time and I was immediately happy to see that they are people just as me. Throughout the week we suffered language classes, grammar lessons, presentations and a champagne tasting together, not to forget to mention the few parties in private apartments. 

Still, our apartment won't be used for this purpose. Instead, my flatmate and I went to Ikea yesterday to beautify our kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Luckily we had same ideas on how we want to have the decoration to be done. Besides, my flatmate is the best. 
Best flatmate! Surprise = Chocolate cookies
Later I am going to meet one of my friends for a cafe before I have some other friends coming over for dinner. I put some French crêpes (pancakes) on the menu and hope that we all together enjoy the night.

Last but not least, I totally forgot to announce last week's winner of the beautybox... Tadaaaaa: For security reasons, I don't want to name her but she is a French girl who has already received a mail from my side. Congratulations!

Enjoy your week, next week I'll show you a glimpse of my newly decorated bedroom!
Light festival at the cathedral
New friend on my desk from Ikea
Night out with cocktails
Field garlic tart

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