Sunday, 1 September 2013

Off to Champagne!

A very early good morning,

It is 6.30 AM and I am already in front of my laptop. My train leaves in about an hour which is why I squeeze a quick post into my schedule before heading to the region of Champagne!

I don't know whether a thing like summer blues exists, but since some people call their depressive mood by the end of winter a winter blues, I assume that there is an equivalent in summer. And I have it.
Unbelievably but true, I am tired of good weather and sun shining. It's been months now that I merely saw a drop of rain. On all the blogs I currently read bloggers complain about the ending of the season; me, on the contrary, I am happy about it.
By the beginning of September I begin to close the chapter of summer. My outfits change from colourful and flashy to darker shades. My music style changes from estival guitar sounds to classical film music. My food experiments change from fruity and refreshing taste explosions to warming candle light dinner menus.
Isn't that a reason to be cheerful?

As a matter of fact, I left my beloved Canon in my new flat. This fact and a quite not-worth-showing week leads to no pictures in that post. "Not-worth-showing" means in the end that I spent the entire afternoon yesterday by the river with two old school friends having barbecue and talking about old times. "Not-worth-showing" also means that I baked another carrot pie and took it to a lunch with my Mom's best friend and meeting her kids. And last but not least,  "not-worth-showing" is about lying in my bed throughout the day and reading Fall of Giants by Ken Follet (1000 pages of love, intrigues, politics and history - how I love it!).

Tomorrow it's my first day in my new uni. I still remember my very first post, when I had the same situation two years ago. But this time, I feel so much more mature and relaxed that I can only look forward to this new episode. And next week you will get a glimpse at its first minutes. So far, have a great Sunday and enjoy the week!

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