Sunday, 22 September 2013

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Oh my dears,

What a weekend. It started with a non-functioning toilet on Friday night that freaked me out and made me to a specialist when it comes to terms of being a plumber. When this problem was resolved I finally could join the guys to climb the trees (high ropes adventure course). And yesterday night some friends and me met to have a nice night with savoury pancakes. Due to all the precedent activities, today's one is called uni.
Cathedral's woodwork
View above the city
Magnificent architecture
Empty rows in the opera
It's been now three weeks that I've lived in my apartment in this new city so I dedicated the last week to explore the city and to further decorate my room. For the city-part I used last Sunday's "Journée du patrimoine" when French patrimonies are open to the public. So I climbed the towers of the central cathedral, balanced on its woodwork and visited the local opera. Furthermore I went to Hautvillers, a very cute champagne village in the region. I especially loved the handcraft signs that were spread all over the tiny curvy streets.
Lovely facade
Signs as the monks' hospice
You got the first glimpse of my room here, so here is what I installed this time: a garland with black and white pictures that reflects memories of the last couple of years, fixed with miniature pegs. Self-portraits, favourite snapshots and best friends are now adorning my wall.
Garland with snapshots
Hopefully, see you next week. All the best so far!

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