Sunday, 5 May 2013

University? I have never heard of this.

As today's title already implicates I didn't spend last week in university. Instead I first took the train to Dusseldorf on Monday and went then directly to Munich on Wednesday. I only came back yesterday - but leave to Dusseldorf tonight again. Who called me busy?
So, what's that fuzz all about?
On Tuesday I had an assessment center for the interns' program in my former company. It was my first AC ever. Therefore I could learn so much during the day and found out that I need to become a lot tougher in competition situations. Despite my self criticism I was chosen for the program that is about an in-house consulting project during the next six months. Thus, I leave to Dusseldorf again tonight.

After two busy days in Western Germany, the Southern part called: Munich. Have I ever mentioned that I love this city? Well, I do. And I went there for two reasons: A workshop at Bain & Company and a presentation for our client in our Marketing project that wrecked my nerves in the past. The workshop was great as we had an interesting case to deal with and a reception that was extraordinary. The offices are not only modern (with a huge roof terrace) but also the gastronomical offer was truly delicious. Honestly, I am on diet for the next week.
The presentation with the client went smooth as well and we earned helpful feedback.
Best hangover breakfast in famous HofbrÀuhaus
A "funny" picture (above right) of me is shown every 5 minutes in the new lobby of my former company. Shame or fame?
Besides all this professional stuff I also had a lot of fun in both cities: I met my former colleagues and some interns, I experienced Munch's night life in a sleepless manner, I met friends and tried to plan my three months of vacation. Yes, I still haven't decided which tour I want to do.

With this busy week that probably will be my future life I wish you all the best and see you next week!

P.S. You might be wondering why my last posts consist of less photos than usually. I unfortunately can't find my recharger for my Canon. Actually I assume that I forgot it at my parents (or I hope) because I have already looked for it in every single corner.

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