Sunday, 19 May 2013

Exam phase

Good morning everyone,

I have been working on Accounting for an hour now and already feel that I need a break. Let's see where this efficiency leads to. Good news are that I have passed the first exam yesterday; it was English. This week another three will follow and the motivation to learn is very little. The rain and grey sky don't push my motivation neither.
Morning practice
Besides revising last week, I had a pretty nice week: twice a dinner, a students' musical "Romeo and Julia", three times tennis, a sunny day outside with my cousin and a great show of Eurovision Song Contest with friends. Congrats to the Danish winner! Though, my favourite was the Maltese singer. Cutie!

When I cook, I normally cook very healthy (at least I try it), but this week I had to do some Swiss specialty, which was far away from being healthy: Rösti with sausages. It's a pleasure that I allow myself from time to time. How to do it? You can find a very easy recipe here.
Swiss specialty in exam phase
Do you hear it? Accounting is calling for me. Unfortunately. See you next week!

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