Sunday, 12 May 2013

I can feel the rhythm.

Guys, I have a problem. A major one. I only have six days left until my first exam and the following exam week and so far I haven't even looked at my books and notes.
New communication gadget
This is actually also the reason why I got up at 7 AM on a Sunday morning. During my first two years of studies I figured out when I am the most productive: My first shift starts normally at 7 AM until noon. Then I am more than ready for a lunch and a long and stretched break. My second shift begins then at 6 PM and lasts until approx. 10 PM. And then I fall into bed, exhausted.
The problem with my rhythm is that it doesn't fit other people's rhythms. In fact, most of my fellows commence revising when I have already worked 5 hours. That makes it extremely difficult to find time slots to do something together but at least it is only one week.
Today my break is planned to be filled with some jogging, cooking and a little hike although I only hope that this rain will stop until then...

The motivation to start intensively came yesterday when I met my cousin. I realized that I only have 2.5 weeks left here which means that I will only see her and most of my other friends only a short time. But if I pass the exams well, I have some days left afterwards to fully concentrate on my beloved ones.

I certainly must tell you about the start of the week that I spent in Dusseldorf. They were tiring because we had an immense program: project management training, team building, team meetings, presentation etc. Unfortunately our full agenda only allowed me some hours to visit my former colleagues but as the project will endure half a year I need to go to Dusseldorf a few times in the months. Maybe I'll get then the chance to see them. Oh and the blackberry shown above: My new professional phone. I feel so adult.
Best canteen food ever: Steak with basil topping on savoy, accompanied by gratin potatoes
Today is Mother's day. Well, I recently have dedicated this post to my Mom but nevertheless I want to say thank you again. I love you.

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