Sunday, 28 April 2013


Good morning!

I don't know how you feel about your mother but I love my mom.
She teaches me about live, she supports me in everything I do - let it be extremely silly-, she enables me to discover the world, she is my best friend.

And it is her 50th birthday in one month. Naturally I am still brooding about what I could get her as present and my ideas are far away from something special. Until now I could only think of four songs that she used to sing with me and my brother that I wrote different lyrics for. While my brother plays the guitar, I will do my best singing it. But obviously I want to give her also a nice present - any ideas that half a century deserves?

As her birthday is in May, I have a fashion problem: What will I wear? When I went shopping last Tuesday my goal was to find a nice outfit for the occasion. I ended up with a leather jacket and a short jumpsuit. Both pieces I adore but which aren't an option for the birthday.
Jumpsuit (Esprit) - Leather Jacket (Only)
I did a siesta on Thursday when someone rang the bell. Far to lazy to get up I let it ring and discovered later that it was the postman bringing a package for me. Extremely surprised I opened it and found delicious food that I love but which is not to be bought here - my mom sent it to me. Thank you.
A student needs student food
While preparing an English presentation yesterday afternoon, I received plenty of Whatsapp messages as I was added to a new group that called itself "bowling". So I ended up having dinner with my choir in a fancy Italian restaurant before some of us headed to play bowling. You actually could win coupons for the nearby Pancake house so that we completed the night having three pancakes with 12 people. (I didn't win them, my skills are far too bad). What a fun!

Even as it is raining a little I am motivated enough to do some jogging with a friend now. Unfortunately I couldn't have my daily hot chocolate this morning as my flatmate apparently drank my last lactose-free milk last night when she came home. Urggh. And hahahaha.

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