Monday, 1 April 2013


Dear readers,

I know - it is Monday. Easter Monday to be precisely which is kind of a Sunday to me. But of course, I owe you an apology.

I spent the last three days in Saas Fee, a skiing resort in the Swiss Alps and there I had absolutely no Internet connection. Instead of checking mails and facebook, I was on the slopes with my parents although weather was moderate. Actually, it was so foggy that I couldn't see further than 10 metres. Only today, upon departure, the sun shone brightly.
For all the ski lovers amongst you, the ski resort in Saas Fee is rather disappointing in my opinion. The advantage is that it's glacier (3500m) is open throughout the year which means snow safety the entire year.
The village compensates the ski resort: it is car-free what I appreciated a lot. In the village you find a lot of sport boutiques in which one of them I found my new black Mammut jacket.
And within the three days I haven't eaten badly once, of course only Swiss classics as Fondu, Rösti and Geschnetzeltes.
Easter greeting from the slope!
Before my Easter holidays the "Soirée Cabaret" in my university took place where I sang with the choir and played the clarinet. While our clarinet performance I trembled with fear to play wrongly. Luckily I didn't and the performance was a lot appreciated by the audience. Furthermore - and as last year - I was astonished how many talents you find in small university: juggler, dancers, singer, musicians, etc. Thank you all for your support and the artistic show!

This week I stay at my parents' with enough to do for university and will go back on Thursday, accompanied by my brother. Next Sunday I will then state why he is joining me!

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