Sunday, 7 April 2013

10 Random facts

Good morning,

Currently lots of bloggers reveal 50 facts about themselves. As it is still early this morning, I only could think of 10. Maybe I will do 5 x 10, I don't know yet. So, let's start with my 10 facts now:
  1. I am afraid of dogs and the deep sea.
  2. In my closet you will find my shirts arranged according to their colour. Like a lot of small rainbows.
  3. I love sweets. And I eat far too much of them. Then I have a bad conscience and skip dinner for a couple of days. 
  4. I have no clue about latest music as I primarily listen to classical music. Only when I am in a club I get in touch with house music. 
  5. Meat is really important to me and if I don't get any, I can be in a very bad mood (sorry, dear veggies!)
  6. I hate glitter on clothes. No way I buy these pieces. 
  7. I used to be addicted to ice cubes that I ate up to 30 of them in a day. My addiction lasted for 2 years until I broke our freezer. 
  8. I don't watch any psycho thrillers as they frighten me to death. Instead I prefer watching romantic comedies...
  9. I have a wild fantasy and think of what could happen the next day very often. Most of the time it doesn't.
  10. Although I am really busy and don't get a lot of sleep, I don't drink coffee. I hate its taste. To get some energy I grab my Coke light.
Last skiing day this season
My last days at home were great as usual, like skiing on Wednesday. Nevertheless it was imperative that I went back to my flat in order to continue (or start) writing my essays for university. This I never achieve to do while being at my parents because it feels like true holidays.
Therefore I am primarily focused on Finance, Accounting, English, French and Marketing projects. But not entirely: My brother came with me and stays until this afternoon. Together we went shopping. We met our cousin on Friday midday for lunch. And went to a bar yesterday night.
Water walk
To sum up, a really good week. Same I wish you for the upcoming one. Mine will be full of work but you know me - I will find some ways to make it a nice one. Enjoy your day!

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