Sunday, 27 January 2013


Yes. It's been half a year.
6 months that I lived in the beautiful city of Dusseldorf.
6 months that I worked in an international company.
6 months that I made memorable experiences.

As we all know, pictures say more than words. Therefore I compiled a collage of all the memories that shaped my life and personality within this time. 
Somewhere over the rainbow - Auberge espagnole - Blue jeans vs. pencil skirt - Beauty to go - Northern lights - Where there is love there is life - Autumn closet - Another fashion story - Sweet week - Releasing endorphins - Ice ice baby! - Back to the roots - Potpourri - Dedicated to someone - In the heart of Europe's money - 1st Advent - Christmas market - 142 hours - Driving home for Christmas - And another happy new year! - East shots - I feel talking like my grandparents - Winter breeze - Next!
Usually when I start to realise that time at a certain place is soon over, I always feel that I have missed thousand things. This time didn't differ: I went partying twice this week, went to sports more often than I used to, stayed in the office until late and observed my environment intensively. With these events I feel more allowed to leave and make the huge step to a already known place: university.

Never would I have expected to miss university, but within my internship there were moments when I wished to sit in classes. Of course, mostly because I missed my friends and the fun we had together. On the other hand, I will also miss my team here. They supported me nearly each day, so a close relationship was built.

I need to mention that this weekend is the last to post from a public spot: next Saturday I move to my new flat share. But before, the cafe where I spent a lot of time deserves its own photo. At least it fed my Internet addiction.
Thx Woyton (especially for unplugging the lamp in order to get my laptop charged :))
Enjoy your week. And live each day as if it were you last.
And dear brother, all the best for your birthday!

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