Sunday, 6 January 2013

East shots

Good morning everyone!

Guess where I am sitting? In a Starbucks-alike coffee bar to get some internet access. My lovely landlord decided to resign our apartment's contract which is why I will blog from public hotspots the next weeks. No clue where next week will be. Maybe here again: it is rather calm, food and and drinks are good and the staff is friendly.
Rasberry cupcake and hot chocolate with lactose free milk - perfect Saturday :)
For 2013 I wish you all the best with luck, love and joy! Instead of posting a review (as lots of other bloggers do) I decided to look into the future: less food, more sports, watching the Lord of the Ring-Trilogy, starting my studies in France, reading two Ken Follets, improving grades, spending time with great friends, holidays, finding a great summer internship and so on and on and on.

As promised last week the pictures of Berlin will now follow. When I visited Berlin the first time about 6 years ago, I didn't like it at all. This perception changed a lot: I appreciate the lively atmosphere in the districts of Prenzlauer Berg & Kreuzberg, the cosyness of the Hackesche Höfe and the time that I could spend with friends. The fact that I am a lot interested in history makes Berlin even more fascinating: you meet history everywhere you go - the wall that seperated once the city, old airport Tempelhof, Jewish Memorial, ...
Not a fan of NYE I was invited to a party that we left before midnight to watch the fireworks in downtown. However I was scared all night to get hit by some crackers or fireworks because people shot them wildly around. Luckily I survived and could start safely in 2013!
Brandenburg Gate
Jew Memorial
Christmas spirit in front if 5 star hotel "Adlon"
Berlin - Mitte - direction Prenzlauer Berg - Dancing club
Spree & German parliament
Fireworks above the parliament
Back in Duesseldorf I started working on Wednesday (tired obviously...) and went to the Rankin exhibition on Friday night. He is very famous photographer and his works are more than impressive. And yesterday I couldn't resist to grab a cupcake after a shopping marathon that ended with a new pullover! Have a great Sunday!

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