Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter breeze

Good morning my dear friends,

Today I can delightfully announce that I am sitting at McDonald's Cafe, drinking a hot chocolate with soy milk while posting. I cannot wait to have a simple Internet connection at home. Matter of worse is that facebook is no longer accessible at work which forces me to read my newsfeed on my smartphone. Urrrgh.

Since it has been abnormally warm for the last couple of weeks, it started to snow during the week and temperature fell below 0°C constantly. Layering up, drinking hot chocolate and reading good books are my favourite activities this weekend, believe me. However on Tuesday night I couldn't resist the urge to run outside - childish as I am - taking pictures while it was snowing. This was truly a memorable night that I prove with some photos:

What else has happened last week? We had our department's dinner when the dessert was one of the best mousse au chocolat I ever had (and I had a lot...). The dinner was a fun night out although it is sometimes strange to see serious colleagues in festive mood. 

Having told you that I was successful in sale shopping, I proudly present two new items in my wardrobe: a simple blazer which I received a lot of compliments for and a light top whose collar is a true eye-catcher. It enables me to combine with 1000 different items which is just what I like.
Blazer / Top (both Zara)

Today I will meet some Mexican friends to bake some pizza. Otherwise my plans are hardly specific. I have only 8 days left to work which makes me sad and happy the same. Have a great week with lot of fun!

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