Sunday, 13 January 2013

I feel talking like my grandparents

Time flies by.
My colleagues remind me each day reproachfully how many days are left until I leave them. The new semester starts in three weeks. A friend arrived two days ago and will already leave this afternoon. The week went by so fast that I have the feeling that I didn't leave the cafe to post for you. Yes, I am back in the same place.

But what made it so incredibly fast? (I feel talking like my grandparents now but they were right) Sports, reading, friends, a lot of work, shopping and some other things kept me on the go. Though actually nothing extraordinary happened. Talking of my friend earlier we had a great girls night on Friday, drinking cocktails and talking for hours. Then we yesterday went shopping (last weekend of sales) where I got a nice blouse and a blazer at Zara (pictures follow next week). We finished the day by enjoying great waffles in an old castle and having a fun night out at the movies, watching Pitch Perfect - a super funny movie for all who love A-Capella and college movies. Afterwards we imitated the following scene that we want to present at a art's night in university. Well, you need challenges.

As I have told you last week, I bought a new pullover, so here my first real outfit post (posture must be improved :)). I love pullovers that speak for themselves. And only some days ago I read that every woman should have her jeans label that fits her well: mine is American Eagles Outfitters. Best jeans!What do you think?
Pullover - Only / Jeans - American Eagle / Boots - Gabor / Shopper - Longchamp / Scarf - Vintage / Glasses - Ray Band
Today I plan to do a little sightseeing with her before we separate again. At least I hope that the next week doesn't fly by as fast as the last one. I want to enjoy my last weeks here in Duesseldorf, feeling that I have done thousand things!

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