Sunday, 3 February 2013

Study, buddy!

Happy Sunday!

Unbelievably I moved to my new room near university campus yesterday and have back my beloved internet access which simplifies blogging a lot.
In consequence I had a really moving week: last day at work, move out on Friday with my parents, move in on Saturday with my Dad, in between a stop in Bonn, first meeting with friends at university, ... I wouldn't want to miss these days.
What shall I say? It was really good to see my friends again. We talked for hours, drank some cocktails and are all looking forward to starting the new semester. I needed a lot of drinks as my moving days were exhausting: boxes up, 5 floors down again, packing, squeezing, sweating - well everything a move implicates. And some nightmares about my dragon landlord: I have never met such an unfriendly person.

So enough talk for today. Instead some pictures of the week.
Tomorrow is my first test, so we'll see how easily I can adapt to university again.
Enjoy your week. I will be here next Sunday again!

... oh and by the way: No, I don't miss work.

Last day at work with sparkling wine and finger food
Best combination = marvelous book + Chinese noodles
Office system

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