Sunday, 2 October 2011

Home Sweet Home

As the title already indicates it: I am at my parents' in Geneva for a long weekend. It's a bit little strange to be at home as guest but I will get used to it, I suppose.

View from my kitchen window at dusk.

Last week's wheather was phenomenal, we had sunshine every day - the lost summer has its comeback in september now. Honestly, I don't want these warm temperatures anymore. I am ready for autumn and winter where I can sit in my bed reading books, listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack and drinking tea. But accoording to the wheather forecast, I have to "suffer" another week.
University is still great, last week we began with the real classes and I am glad, that I am a lot interested in all topics - Marketing, Economics, Management, Organizational Behavior, ... Yes, I even read some further literature during my trip to Geneva (It took about 7 hours, whereas I now saw that taking a plane only takes 3h 40 although I've to change once. But price is the same which means that I will take the plane next time!).
Also this week we had a lot of parties which is not the best when you must get up early the next morning and try to understand some mathematical formula. But hey, it's university life, isn't it?
On of the highlights was the soccer try out for the women's soccer team in our university which will be prepared for a European University Cup (called Euromasters, WHU). And guess it! I'm in it and so we are going there in the beginning of november. 
Another hike expects me today, this time in the French alps. Tomorrow I head back to Reutlingen to continue my studies. I want to learn, how crazy can life be?
Enjoy the weather and have a nice week ;)

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