Sunday, 25 September 2011


Good Morning!
I start this wonderful fall morning by posting a photo of my Sunday morning breakfast before I go outside and enjoy the weather. Yum!

This week was one of my best I ever had. It all started Sunday night when my fellow students and me arranged a meeting via facebook to get to know each other. We had a lot of fun and I met people from all over the world: France, Mexico, USA, Netherlands, ... this is exactly why I wanted to study International Management - people are international here. And all extremely nice.
During the week there were a lot of parties that I attended nearly all to. Monday we had cocktails (Cocktails in Germany can be so cheap), Tuesday we went to the movies, Wednesday we had a big party, Thursday we watched DVDs and Friday we went out again. Only yesterday I had a little break: I went to a friend's to have some typical swabian dinner. Now you know why I called this post "marathon".
Not only party and people defined my week, but it was also the first week in university. Everyone was in the same situation - we all are new here - so I quickly found people to talk to. We had information events and got briefed about how we can make up our schedule. We had our first classes. We even had some language tests...
What do I expect in the next months? I think university life has two parts: Studying and leisure. I try to balance those parts as best as possible, meaning: I study, but I have enough free time to do sports, party and just have a good time with (new) friends. Can't tell you how happy I am to be here.
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I went to Tübingen yesterday with some other students where we spent a great day and had really good ice cream. It's a lovely city to hang out at. Look at the blue sky!

My university's credo is: Study hard, party even harder.
So, I start with Maths tomorrow afternoon. Let's get the party started.
See you in one week!

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