Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday morning?

I admit that I am the worst blogger in the world wide web! I am so sorry!
I call my blog "C'est le dimanche matin" so that I blog something every sunday morning. And here I find myself sitting in front of my computer on a monday morning! Next week - I promise - I'll be here on the right day!

So, best event this week: The Wasen in Stuttgart! It's like the Oktoberfest but much smaller and it was the first time, that I went to such an event - I liked it! A lot of beer and a lot of music, but it was so much fun! Of course I also did some rides on the roller coaster, although the last ride made my stomach turn... No worries, I only had 2 "Mass" beer mixed with lemonade, so I felt fine!

The rest of the week was quite calm as we had a lot of work to do... I still don't understand economics. Let's cross fingers that I understand it in the exams!

Last friday I tried Badminton in our university, just to keep me fit while studying. There were mainly Chinese and French fellows, a funny mixture of international people. That is also why I'll go there today for another time!

So far, I really like my "new life" here. For now the two parts - party and studying - are balanced, although I probably will get more and more work on the study-side. Not only because of the classes' contents but also because I'm part of two ressorts (music and alumni) which organize different events during the semestre.

See you next week on the right day!

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