Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hike + Spicy Fruit Mix with Chicken

Hey guys! I do not forget you. But I am on a hike right now, there will be a little update at about 2pm.

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This is a "Spicy Fruit Mix with Chicken" which I had at a friend's on friday. Find the recipe below:
Ingredients (4 portions):
500 g chicken
1 mango
1 pineapple
2 peaches
400 g rice (best is Basmati)
2 eggs
honey, soja sauce, butter, chili, pepper, salt, individual spices
Curry Mango sauce (or mix it yourself: curry, 1 pot of cream)
Cut the chicken and pickle it into a mix of some soja sauce and the eggs' whites (for about 30 minutes). While roasting the chicken in a pan, cut the fruits into pieces. Set some water for the rice and let it boil for the given time on the packing. When the chicken is slightly brown, put it on an extra plate in the oven. Now you wave the fruits with some chili, pepper, salt and honey in the same pan (you can add the spices you like). When some fruits begin to have a brown glaced surface, you can mix it with the chicken. Last but not least, take the rice out and give some spoons of the Mango Curry Sauce on top of it. Serve and enjoy!

So, we had dinner on friday night, but also on thursday and saturday nigth I went out to eat elsewhere. No, cooking wasn't my priority last week, but in the next days we have a so called "Running Dinner" which I explain to you next sunday. Cross the fingers that my experiments in the kitchen work out!

Most of the time I spent in university, we have a few things to organize there, but I still like the tensions resulting from stress. I kind of need it. But I also overslept math class on friday because my alarm didn't ring - this is a proper excuse!

On the toilet in our flatshare there is a women's magazine called "Joy" and in there I found my way to style (according to their points): Apparently I am a preppy girl, wearing classical and sporty fashion. Actually, I wasn't that surprised as I have the following two fashion idols:

 Alexa Chung
Audrey Hepburn

Their way of wearing clothes is simple, but always with an attitude. So, get out your trench coats, your chinos, your hooped shirts, your blouses and your cardigans - It's time for style!

Enough for today, I see you next week!

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