Sunday, 23 October 2011

Running Dinner

Good morning!
Actually I've already posted something this morning via my mobile, but apparently there were some issues. So, I'm sitting at my cousin's as we celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday. Normally I posted a photo of the club we went to, but my app doesn't work properly. My cousin was really excited before and began counting down half a year ago. So sweet!
This week's event was Running Dinner: We had teams of two people (my partner was a French girl) and we were supposed to cook one course, either starter, main or dessert. We had the last one and made an original French Mousse Au Chocolat (with 6 eggs!!!). Before we went to the student's house to enjoy some tapas as starter and some wraps as main course and afterwards all teams met in the city and spent some time in the bars there. It was a really nice night out, with new people and good food! Must be done again!
I also did some shopping last week in the Metzingen Outlet where I bought a dark red Polo Ralph Lauren cardigan, 70% off. I like! Maybe I will post an outfit next week, because the cardigan fits perfectly to the current fall weather!
Right now I am a little nervous because I have just changed my travelling plans for today. My train actually leaves in half an hour but I now got informed that my uncle will come later and wanted to go to have some lunch with my cousins AND me. Okay... in Switzerland this change wouldn't be a problem but in Germany you cannot change trains as you want. So I hope that my ticket is still valid in three hours. If the Deutsche Bahn creates a problem, I will present myself as unknown French girl ;) Wish me luck!
Enjoy the weather, have fun, don't stress yourself, please comment my blog and visit me next week!

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