Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Flower Woman

The long walk for a bouquet of flowers

After two days in rain, Paris brightened up yesterday. Every time it is amazing to see how the Parisians and tourists then change: Parisian girls roll up their jeans and pair them with some chic flats. Tourists leave their jackets in the hotel, take out their shorts and enjoy a sandwich along the Seine River. I also changed since along with the sunshine, my mood increased instantly and I urged for a new bouquet of flowers to transport the positives vibes into my apartment.

But it occurs that the perfect bouquet of flowers can be a quite challenging plan, especially when the flower market is not around the corner. So I walked around for more than half an hour in my neighbourhood, through unknown streets, to little supermarkets – just to find a nice bouquet. Eventually I ended up at the same place where I bought a bouquet some weeks ago. Though, this wasn’t my intention at all as the florist was very unfriendly. After a couple of minutes in front of all the different colours, scents and sizes I grabbed for a bouquet when the exactly same woman came outside to put some new arranged bouquets into the buckets. No, she didn’t put them. She threw them. With this bitter face from the last time that didn’t want me to came back.

Immediately, I gently put down my flowers and went off. Not only that she seems to be a pretty unfriendly person, but she also has no love for her flowers. It might seem totally snobbish but I won’t buy flowers at her place.

Again, I stood there, at the bottom of Montmarte, with empty hands and the drive to find my flowers. I continued walking, wanted to just head back home, took another direction that I have never taken before and ended up in a beautiful street: little restaurants, small boutiques, nice handicraft shops and – finally a florist. After more than an hour of intensive searching (and walking), I held my new bouquet in my hands. Well, before I actually bought the flowers, I asked the flower woman - this is the name she deserves - what she loved about her job, still thinking of my earlier encounter: “About my job? I love to watch the people passing by my boutique who stop in order to inhale the scents of my flowers. Even the most grumpy persons begin to feel the power of flowers. I can share my passion with everyone, and no, they don’t even have to buy anything. Still I am happy.”

The view on Sacre Coeur

Buttes Chaumont - my all time favourite
Père Lachaise

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