Monday, 19 May 2014

A goddamn perfect week

A week as sweet as cupcakes

Ohlala, it's Monday and there was no post yesterday - again! But you know that there are only few reasons that hold me back from blogging at my usual time: family, hangovers or far way travelling. This time it's been my cousin that has visited me for 2 days and her visit concluded a truly eventful week for me.

On Monday I had three good friends over in order to cook Mexican wraps. It's been ages that I had a tasty filled burrito, a glass of wine and such a good conversation until late the night. I usually go for a run on Tuesday but this week it rained cats and dogs. Hence my jogging partner and I stayed home, cooking (again!) and compensated the Spaghetti Carbonara with a good run a day later.

Then on Thursday we went to the "Nuits aux Invalides" which is a light event at night telling French history at the Army Museum. Being a passionate for history, I really enjoyed the content and its environment. For those of you who have the chance to pass by Paris this week, I recommend to go there in order to soak up a little bit of French pride and a stunning light show in an historical courtyard.

With all these activities, you might be asking yourself whether I still work, but yes I do. Except on Friday afternoon when I took a train to Reims (this place where I normally study) in order to attend the semester's last party. As a member of the future club organizing these kinds of events, we were dedicated to stay until the end (6 AM) and to clean the place afterwards. I kind of sacrifice myself for my school. And it got worse when I - after only having slept four hours - sat on the market place and caught my first sun burn this year (reminder: there is something like sun screen!!!)

Finally, on Saturday night I met up with my cousin whose first time in Paris it was. Therefore, I spent my last two days at a lot of touristic places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc the Triumph and and and. As weather was phenomenal we had picnics in parks, macarons at the river and enjoyed Starbucks happy hour (until 24th of May: Frappucino 50% off 3-5 PM). We took bikes, talked for hours, had drinks at the top of Montmartre and went to a special event that I will post about during the week (smart readers and followers on instragram @svenjacole know what I am talking about).

Recapitulating such a week is pretty hard though. Imagine now, how I sit in front of my laptop, writing this and eating a full package of crisps because this week was so goddamn perfect. May the next week be as great!

Dinner at Montmartre at La Maison Rose
No Paris sightseeing without delicious macarons
Always stunning. And do you see this blue sky?
From top of the Galeries Lafayette
Mango Passion Frappucino (based on tea)
Les Nuits aux Invalides

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