Sunday, 25 May 2014



Happy Sunday! 

I hope your weather is by far better than it is in Paris at the moment since I spent the last week as well as the weekend in indoor places. What a shame. Yet, I don't want to complain because Paris in rain has also its charm.

Coincidences are a great part of our lives. Not expecting something and then it happens - the feeling of happiness inside my body is every time an unforgettable experience. 

So happened yesterday: it rained and rained and rained and I started to become disappointed that I couldn't stick to my original plans (usually running wildly around Paris) when I saw Passenger's announcement on his facebook page - free concert in 2 hours in the 15th district. Two hours later my friend and me were in a shopping center with some hundreds of others visitors and listened to his great Folk music. I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon, especially with a funny and sympathetic guy whose lyrics deal with daily stuff that drives me crazy, like living in an online world, being superficial, forgetting about politeness and other.

Speaking of coincidences I want to further name "Heures heureuses" (= Happy Hours) on Friday night. In was the same morning that I read about this event in the metro and thought that this might be a great way to spend the night with my girls. After work I therefore met with two good friends in order to pick up our "passport", a little book with 200 participating restaurants all over Paris. In every restaurant you could get a glass of wine for 2 Euros and an "amuse-gueule" (= Appetizer) for another 2 Euros. For three hours we hopped from one restaurant to the next, tasting delicious appetizers and starting the weekend with great wine selections. What I adored even more about the event was that I kept my passport and now have 200 great restaurant tips that are not only offering great food but which aren't overloaded by tourists. 

I wish you an amazing week and can't wait to share another post with you very soon!

Heures Heureuses: Codfish with sweet carrots - Salmon burger - Melon Gazpacho with Serrano Bacon - Parisian Pizza

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