Thursday, 22 May 2014

Grand Steeple Chase

Who will be the champion?

 Hello my dears,

In my last post, I have already mentioned that I went to a special event last weekend: The GRAND STEEPLE CHASE in Paris. It is the richest and most prestigious horse jump race in France of 6000 meters.

I have never been a girl that absolutely adored horses when I was younger but if I have to choose my favourite animal, I certainly would go for horses. Their grace and grandeur always impress me and having witnessed my first horse race on Sunday, I can easily add speed to their matchless qualities. If I had more time, I would probably go riding from time to time.

Anyway, this event on Sunday was splendid. It was the first time that I could wear shorts since temperatures rose to 25°C. My cousin and me, we fully enjoyed our little trip that ended successful: A horse race without a bet is slightly boring: we decided to bet twice although we didn't have a clue what was to be considered. Therefore we once chose the only German horse in the competition and another time we gave a shot for the horse with the prettiest name – yep, a really valid argument. While we missed a win for the first bet, our the-horse-with-the-prettiest-name-strategy turned out to be a lucrative one! « Fleur d’Ainay » won the race and we therefore were 30 € richer!

Finally, I want to share my outfit of the day: a colourful light blouse in order to prevent sunburns and some simple classic shorts. One of my favourite combinations for summer!

Blouse (Pull & Bear) - Shorts (H&M) - Shoes (Vietnamese Market) -
Bag (Michael Kors) - Watch (Tissot) - Bracelet (H&M) - Wayfarer Sunglasses (Ray Ban)
Ok... I keep working on my photogenic qualities.
I've just won!
In front of the Eiffel Tower

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