Wednesday, 9 April 2014

TUC Transformation

Snack time

Since my last week was pretty stressful, I totally forgot about a duty that I had to deliver this weekend: I was invited to a party where everyone had to bring a snack. It was only three hours before the party that I was sitting in the metro and became aware of my little dilemma. Next, I jumped out and straightly went into the supermarket. One could say that I should grab a bag of crisps, get home in order to choose an outfit and makeup and stop making a fuss about the food.

But I can’t. I just can’t. I hate being invited without having given my little personal touch to a drink or food. It might be a ribbon (but seriously, a bag of crisps with a ribbon looks ridiculous) or a small poem attached in a fancy way to a bottle of wine. But I don’t feel comfortable with only quickly buying something as I always want to express my gratitude for the invitation and some kind of caring towards the host. And then I actually had this second issue: Not only that time was too short to cook an entire meal, but I had to find an effective way to transport everything, space-saving and disposable at once.

Challenge accepted! With these both conditions in mind, I strolled through the alleys and searched for something tasty, easily to transform, quickly to make, for a reasonable price … and I eventually ended up with cheese, ham and TUCs.

Now, this is actually what I love most about cooking. You have some super simple ingredients and you try to create something totally new. I headed home, grabbed onions and tomatoes that I had still on stock in my fridge and began to prepare little Pizza-TUCs. Totally easy to make, it took me about 10 minutes (180°C in the oven) and once they are cold, you can wrap them into aluminium foil. For your next party?

Everything you have left, bring it on!
Ham, cheese, onions, tomatoes...
Bon app├ętit & happy snacking!

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