Sunday, 13 April 2014

Pompous Week: Versailles

The Grand Trianon - Marie Antoinette's place

Good morning everyone,
Seriously, those weekends pass too fast. Generally my whole time here in Paris flies by in a record tempo that scares me a little. Friday, I already had my mid-internship-interview with my boss, for instance.

Let’s start today, with a quick recap of my week: Monday, shopping with a good friend – what I found you will see in short notice. Those who follow me on Instagram (@svenjacole) know that we had #FreeConeDay on Tuesday: For this occasion, Ben and Jerry’s distributed ice cream for free, so what was better than grabbing a Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cone after work? After a little jogging session, I met up with friends on Thursday for an after work on one my favourite terraces here in this city. And finally, I ended my week with a Chinese-Mexican birthday party on Friday night. Puuuuh. Sounds like a marathon, doesn't it? Speaking of that, I can’t wait to share a project with you that concerns exactly that activity.

Anyway, after such a tiring week, that also implicated a lot of work, I yesterday took the train and left Paris. Half an hour later, I found myself in a different world – the Versailles Castle. I can’t believe that I have never been here before, but it is one of the most prestigious places I have ever been to. As weather was incredible, we started in the garden: Hedges are cut in a structural manner, classical music takes you back to the 18th century, fountains add some lively components... I felt as if I was on a film set. We had picnic by the lake, rented a boat (so much fun!) and walked around for hours – so long that we couldn't even manage to visit the actual castle. Yet, there is Marie Antoinette’s place that we visited, a smaller castle and a more rural and less structural part of the park that contrasts the main building.

Yes, it’s been a fantastic day. And since I didn't visit the main castle this time, I will be back in two weeks again: back to Louis XIV, back to golden statues, back in time, back to Versailles. 

Music chamber
Pompous decoration
The rural side of Versailles
Lake and Statue
The main castle and the canal in front

Incredible arrangements with hedges and seashells
Back in time: The main castle
View from the main plaza
Little flower girl is happy while rowing activity

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