Thursday, 24 April 2014

The happiest 5km in life

The happiest 5km of my life?
I can tell ya’!

This is how I spent my Sunday two weeks ago when the first COLOR RUN was officially taking place here in Paris. Most of you are probably already either familiar with the Holi Festival of Colours or the Color Run that both have their origins in the Indian Holi Festival. The Holi Festival is a traditional Hindu festival of love and colours that honours the beginning of a new season, respectively spring. Besides a huge bonfire and prayers on the eve, the next day people, armed with dry colours and coloured solution, spray the natural colours on others while they sing, dance and express pure happiness.

While the Holi Festival of Colours pretty much resembles the actual Holi Festival, just without any buddhist and spiritual background, the Color Run is a mixture between a running event and the colour explosion. The distance to conquer is only about 5 km (hence I might have exagerated when I talked about my marathon project on Sunday), so everyone who wants to spend a happy day is welcomed. So were I and my friends. Each kilometer you pass a station with a new colour - Yellow! Green! Blue! Pink! – I looked as if I fell into a bucket in front of an artist’s atelier. Obviously, the whole event was less about fitness limits but a true fun activity with hundreds of pictures to record the memory. Yet, it has its charity background since the participants’ fee is given to an organization for children.

All in all, my three girls and I enjoyed the day very much and we eventually ended it in front of the Eiffel Tower where DJs accompanied the colourful atmosphere. Not only that we already plan to participate in other Color Events, but we also enjoyed running to such an extend that we now prepare for more runs. My goal is a half marathon in autumn for instance. 

Check out the official pictures and videos here

We PRETEND to be Usain Bolt
Later that day
Friends, fun and colors

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