Sunday, 20 April 2014

And where are your eggs hidden?

Happy Easter!

After a quite short working week, I went to my parents for this long weekend. Since they have moved into a new apartment, I was tremendously excited to explore their new place and the surroundings (that I explored, of course, jogging). Not to forget "my" chamber, a room painted in cheerful bright pink that slowly replaces my beloved green wall. Hence, I am sitting on their terrace, gazing at the beautiful lake and the mountains that are both only a couple of minutes away.

Today I keep this post short as I do want to benefit as best as possible from the time with my family - and the Easter breakfast that is ready on the table. Instead, today some new pics from my oh-so-calm week as my boss was absent all the time. Yet I had to replace him on Wednesday when I spent the entire day in a meeting where I was the only women amongst 12 senior managers (Speaking of that, be aware of a post about a book that I am currently reading and that exactly evokes that topic).

Enjoy your Easter break!

Apple trees in front my window
Spring lake
Terrasses de Lavaux

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