Sunday, 17 March 2013

France, my second home

Good morning my dears, 

This weekend I am back in France again. Though, this time it is not at my parents near the Swiss boarder, but the heart of champagne: Reims.
Here I will continue my study program in September for another two years, so it is worth to visit the city at least once before. We only arrived yesterday night which is why I will postpone further story-telling to next week.
Lake Geneva
It is not as if last week was any kind of boring. The opposite!
Main event was clearly the Business Cup Final that took place on Thursday and Friday. Besides workshops and lot of food, our main goal was to solve the business cases as best as we could. Actually we achieved: We won the competition although we couldn't believe it at first. Probably we underestimated our capabilities. What I liked most was that I met foreigners from Bulgaria, Czech and England giving the days an international touch and some important significance. Well, the trophy money was also a highlight.
What must not be neglected is my weekly cooking session with a friend. This time on the menu: Rice with spicy chicken and almond broccoli topping. Yummy! So much better than any canteen food here in university.
Rice with spicy chicken and almond broccoli topping
Last but not least, I owe you photos from last Sunday as sun was shining brightly at the lake. Oh, I forgot to mention that I started snowing again yesterday. Therefore I try to force spring to come back by looking at sunny photos. C'mon spring, where are you?
Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters / Shirt - Only / Scarf - somewhere from Africa / Shoes - Tamaris / Sun-glasses - Ray Ban

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