Sunday, 3 March 2013

Culinaric highlights!

Happy Sunday!

Honestly: It's been weeks now that temperatures were below zero and that snow kept on falling. You all know that I love the winter but this time I have the feeling that I cannot use it properly. No skiing, no walking in the woods, no snowman-building. Hopefully I can ski at least at Easter some days when I am back home.

As already foreseen one week ago, my week was pretty filled with activities: Of course most of it I spent in university meeting my colleagues in order to finish one of our thousand projects. Coevally I felt that at least the half of my classes are a waste of time - profs talk about their lives, elementary-class-content is presented or no concentration is possible because all are talking about the night before. Thereby we come to our next topic, the Running Dinner on Thursday night. Another time my friend and me were arranged to cook the starter's plate and decided for an Italian salad with dried tomatoes, rocket, lettuce, mushrooms, pine nuts and feta, accompanied by puff paste filled with cheese. Afterwards we "ran" to our second stop where we had a vegetarian risotto. Finally we ended at an apartment where we a large bowl of sangria and another one with raspberry yogurt expected us. Obviously this night was very delicious and a lot of fun. It confirmed that it is my favourite event throughout the term!
Starter's plate
Another cocktail night
Since there were a couple of things to celebrate I was a lot in restaurants or bars to meet lovely people. Salad, tapas, cocktails... For me it seems like a good resume.
What I always wanted to know is whether you have a favourite dish? Or cocktail?
I find it rather difficult to specify but a good steak with fresh salad can make a dinner really wonderful.

Speaking of, I leave now to buy some fresh bread at the bakery because I invited some friends to have breakfast here. Bon app├ętit!

(Have you recognised: Since I am back at university, everything's about food. When weather gets better, I will certainly have some photos outside! Promised!)

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